Mashed Potatoes

Speaking of galactically enormous...

I used to work at a country club where rich white people used to chill and stuff. I worked "BEHIND-THE-SCENES" in the kitchens. I wasn't a cook or anything useful like that, no, I was a dish-bitch. Theoretically I was just supposed to be the dishwasher, but in practice all the dishwashers became dish-bitches, because the cooks were so much cooler than we were, and we had to do everything they didn't feel like doing. That covered just about everything besides cooking so...

Chef walks in one day and hands me a HUGE potato masher, and then a HUUUGE pot. He then dumps a HUGE bag of potatoes into the pot.
Chef looks at me. He says "Forktarts, I want you to make mashed potatoes."

By God was that a traumatizing experience.
The pot was this big, true story.

- forktarts

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