It's Kinda Late

Blasting trance while writing an english essay the night before it's due is probably the closest I'll get to being high.


Don't do drugs kids!
On that note here's a documentary about weed prohibition:


This weekend, I made a runescape account. fml.


Selena says: so I'm going to a sc2 mystery theatre party tonight
^LOL WHAT A NERD....srsly



I opened my window for the first time since the beginning of winter today. The fresh air smelled so nice I decided to go for a walk! (wow!) It was a prty chl walk except I stepped in a puddle which made my feet kind of chl too. Then I took off my shoes and sat on a rock for a while. On the way back I passed this house whose outside lights always turn on suddenly when you walk by, as if it's trying to catch you by surprise. It totally didn't get me though.

I was listening to some 'experimental' hip-hop:
Subtle - I Heart L.A. (A New White)


hocus pocus

the best fucking game. ever. I used to play this all the time, back when I had Windows 95, and you could go to "dos mode". EXCEPT we only ever had the demo version so after you beat the first series of levels there was nothing else to do :( . but now...but now...

sample reaction when I discovered I'd found the full version:
  • OMG
  • OMG
  • !!
later on...
  • :D:D
  • im playing the best game in the world right now
  • nbd
Anyways, you can download it here. GLHF.



iTAL tEK - Restless Tundra (feat. Anneka) (Midnight Colour)
iTAL tEK - Moment in Blue (Midnight Colour)

That second one always makes me think I'm playing Golden Sun, like when you're in one of those quaint little towns on the ocean that have about four inhabitants and two buildings.


on the Colbert Report they said sprite and 7up have 0.2% alcohol in them

Apparently, some wine producers attempt to improve the taste of their product by playing classical music during the aging process. Something to do with vibrations. In the same spirit, a guy I know once tried playing Animal Collective's "My Girls" to his can of 7 Up before opening it. He said after that it tasted worse than normal.


Black Steel

Tricky - Black Steel (Maxinquaye)

Got a letter from the government the other day, opened and read it, it said they were suckers. They wanted me for their army or whatever...

627 days...

Holy shit 627 days til December 21, 2012, WHO'S SUPER PUMPED?
I wonder how the world will end....

Dolphin domination.
(You may want to click the image for a closer look at the intricate artistic details)



its microwaves and SARS's cake day!

nothing else to inform the internet of, other than I have my own magic cards nao.