An Improper Intro

Apparently I should write a "proper intro", but we'll see if that happens.
Oh and congrats, microwaves, on the uni acceptance! (Y)
And also the summative mark, I'm super proud. But it should be noted that microwaves lost a mark on her intro, so I can see that that's her weakness.

While writing the last four sentences, I've concluded that a proper intro cannot be written, because I don't think we know what this blog's going to end up doing... So I'll just share one of the more intelligent questions I've been asked by a certain friend:

"[L]ast night we were watching tv, and it said something about the temperature being raised 5 degrees F. [W]hen we looked up the conversion to celcius, it said -15. [S]o when they say that the temperature was raised by -15 degrees C, are they just being dumb and mean 15?"

If you don't get it, here's a link to a Fahrenheit/Celsius converter, feel free to spend the rest of your night trying to figure it out.

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