if you can hold a fork, you can go to York

"a pretentious, Marxist school in the Northernmost point of Toronto..."
"An ultra-liberal post-secondary institution (though it should be called a high school)..."
"some important characteristics of this shithole:
1. Large numbers of Jewish professors and students, which explains York's strong left-wing views."
"York university is the dumping ground of high school dropouts and dumbfucks who can't get into other universities."
Man, it's a good thing I didn't apply there! I mean, check out how bitter this one guy is:
"Here are some guidelines for men if they want to be accepted by the students in that school:
1. Buy a cell phone
2. Buy expensive clothes
3. Look like you are in your 20s
4. Have to be tall around 5'9 to 6'0 is what they usually want
5. Be clean cut
If you do not follow these guidelines, numbers 3 and 4 are most important, you will be subjected to childish name calling like fagot, pussy, bitch, fag, little shit"

I checked out their club listings and there was one called "B'nai Brith OnCampus" except I read it as birth so I thought this was a club for giving birth on campus, which is kind of weird tbh. But they do have a ninja club which must either be extremely cool or extremely lame. probably the latter. No Marxist club, sorry.

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