Cool story amirite?

So here goes... I think I'm supposed to shoot the shit while going in the general direction of microwaves (forks don't belong there).

Speaking of shooting shit, there's something rather addicting about putting a stupid piece of foam into a big piece of plastic. These nerf guns... I dunno, but I'm kinda glad that a friend of mine has a bunch of BB and nerf guns littered around his basement. Maybe something about fake guns gets him off or just lets him sleep easy at night (he has a blunt dagger under his pillow too), but it makes hanging out there a lot more interesting than just shooting virtual guns at nerd-raging teens who spam mic with unmitigated crap everytime you happen to knife them, when all you were doing in the first place was trolling and bunny-hopping and nade-spamming...

Anyways, the nerf-rifle comes with full reloading action(!) so if you really want to feel badass for a few moments only to realize a bit later that you're pathetic for feeling badass in the first place, go buy one. Try not to get too mad about all the time you're gonna waste looking for the stupid nerf when you miss and it falls behind your desk.

I think I'll go have a pop tart now, and I'll make sure to take the wrapper off before I chuck it in the microwave. Who toasts pop tarts anyways?

- forktarts


  1. Sleeps with a knife under his pillow, wonder who that could be.

    What a coincidence, I was googling different pop tart flavours yesterday! And sorry, I toast them :|