Runescape is Communist!

Check out this scathingly insightful video about the communist conspiracy in Runescape! The next generation (via brainwashing of the 10-year-old male demographic) is slowly being turned communist! Eventually, they will rise up and overthrow our capitalist overlords (horrors!), much to the chagrin of rich people, I guess. Seriously though, the video kind of sucks, but I didn't really want to make an account, level it up enough to acquire the *spoiler* appropriate items and do it myself. Hide your kids, hide your wife, etc...but mainly your kids. IT'S THEM THEY'RE AFTER.

Karl Marx is pleased. I'm not really sure what's up with MJ.
Neutral Milk Hotel - Communist Daughter (In the Aeroplane Over the Sea)
This song doesn't actually have anything to do with communism.

In other news, happy birthday Kim Jong-il! Why does it seem like there are a lot less words in the subtitles than what they're actually singing...


om nom nom

Ads on my Facebook sidebar keep telling me about Kunstadt Sports and I don't know why - I don't even lift weights! But this got me thinking about, you know, sports; so here's someone we should all look up to: Takeru Kobayashi. OM NOM NOM HE IS A PROFESSIONAL HOT DOG EATER and is the world record-holder for being good at eating various other types of food...seriously how much more awesome can you get...

This one time, he took on a grizzly bear in a hot dog-eating contest...and lost. But it was still epic. Apparently, he's eaten several pounds of cow brains (wtf) in one sitting - isn't he worried about Mad Cow Disease? NO because he's just that badass...Also, you know he's legit, because he gets coverage on Sportsnet. For any hockey nerds out there, there's a picture of him on his blog wearing a Philadelphia Flyers jersey. Unfortunately his blog is in Japanese so I dunno if he was wearing it to be patronizing or because he genuinely supports this shit team. waitaminute wtf? they're second overall in the league? How did this happen? and (unrelated) Minnesota is just out of a playoff spot dammit D:

and if anyone was wondering what to get me for my birthday/valentine's/chinese new year/st patrick's/casimir pulaski day/easter there's this awesomecool Kobayashi t-shirt over on TopatoCo...yeah!

See, he's a REAL athelete



I challenge the internetz to make a solar system.

Circular orbits > elliptical orbits
50 planets > 1 planet

I could only make ellipses :(

link --> http://www.nowykurier.com/toys/gravity/gravity.swf

EDIT: You can't have a circular orbit.

- forktarts

I Heart Hockey

First post of February? Apparently. And first hockey post... But we live in Canada, I don't understand. I guess it's because SOME people are too busy lifting weights and playing HON to do the honourable thing and watch a few hockey games.

Disorganized hockey musings:

- I tuned into Coach's Corner tonight, hoping Don Cherry would amuse me with some inappropriate comments. He didn't say anything too outrageous, but he did start talking about those "foreigners," and he stated that all players who don't wear visors are tough. Right.

- Looking at the point totals of Brian Gionta, Daniel Alfredsson and, to a certain extent, Jarome Iginla, it's not a good year to be a Canadian team's captain. Just don't tell Henrik Sedin that, he doesn't seem to be aware.

- Speaking of Canadians and hockey, San Jose has a lot of Canadian players. They only have 4 non-Canadian forwards, and they're all American. The closest thing they have to a European forward is Dany Heatley. In total, they have 4 non-North American players (five if you count Heatley, which I don't): 2 Swedish defencemen and 2 Finnish goaltenders, one of whom is injured.

- Crosby still has no timeframe for a return from his concussion, and Malkin will likely miss the rest of the season with a torn ACL and MCL. Basically, good luck Pittsburgh.

- Angry Ehrhoff. I kind of love it. Almost as good as angry Samuelsson.

- I have nothing left to say, except how the hell is Nathan Gerbe allowed to play in games in which Zdeno Chara is also playing?